We are creative and love to create new things. We are ready for standard production, and we welcome unconventional ideas as well. We want to grow together with our partners and try the “untried”. In addition to development and production under our CEREA brand, we are also dedicated to and offer our business partners cooperation in private production. We have already developed a number of original recipes for well-known European and domestic brands.

What we offer


Individual product development and subsequent production.


from already finished concepts.


We create your dreams in record time.


Quality and efficiency without compromise!


Which offers its many years of experience.


The private customer is an equal partner for us.

Every year we participate in the world’s largest fair trade for organic products in Nuremberg with our own information stand, where we are happy to introduce our products and also let you taste them.


Baked bars

Baked bars are our flagship product. Baking makes us happy, we enjoy inventing different forms, shapes, types. We started with baking FLAPJACK bars – soft oat bars, which have become very popular. We added the BROWNIE/BLONDIE range and then BAKED PROTEIN BARS – unique soft bars that give the necessary strength and energy thanks to protein.


A delicious oat bar that gives you energy. Recently, we have been developing a range in BIO and vegan versions. All Flapjacks are available in gluten-free version. We also enjoy developing a spicy version of this popular bar range – and that’s a big challenge.


We have long wanted to come to the market with a healthier version of the popular BROWNIE chocolate bars. The development was not easy, but we succeeded. Our Brownie bars are full of high quality Belgian chocolate, gluten and preservative free.

Baked protein

For now, our latest addition to the family of baked products. It’s an unusual combination, but the risk paid off. These bars are growing in popularity. We have different flavours – fruit, nut, coffee, organic and vegan.

“Classic” müsli bars

A crunchy snack, the perfect travel companion. We can bring this classic snack to life with vegetables, spices. Favourite flavours are cottage cheese and fruit. We can make muesli bars both in sweet version and “salty” in spicy version.

Raw bars

Soft sticks full of fruit and nut. We can prepare the individual ingredients very finely or leave larger pieces for a more intense taste experience. We also like to experiment in this segment and use different types of vegetables in combination with fruits and nuts. Our favourite flavour is spinach with pineapple.

Protein bars

Soft bars full of quality protein – we work with both whey protein and a mixture of vegetable proteins. We see that the trend for protein products is growing, so we have been working in this area for a long time and will continue to develop it – perhaps together with our private customers.


Since the beginning of our existence, we have focused on the development of the product in the form of a bar. This is the core of our business and we will continue to do so. Time moves on, and we too want to step out of our “comfort zone” and try something new. We have come up with cookies that will not only be delicious, but will give the body the energy it needs. ( We can offer many different shapes, sizes. Soft or crunchy. Depending on the wishes of the customer, the variation here is great, as is our enthusiasm.

Specifications and targeting

In developing our product, we engage extensively with our customers and listen carefully to their needs. These needs are a reflection of current market demand. We are fully prepared to meet these needs and offer a wide range of products that will:


lactose free


high protein

low carb


gluten free

Other product improvements

Often, it’s these small improvements to our product that set you apart from the competition and allow you to retain the goodwill of your customers. They are the proverbial icing on the cake that add value and uniqueness to your products. Thanks to our advanced technologies, we are able to deliver the following innovative solutions:

Toppings & sprinkles

Application of different types of toppings (chocolate, yoghurt, caramel, fruit). It can be all-over topping or zig-zag decoration on the surface of the bar. We can decorate your products with pieces of nuts, fruit, chocolate…

Shapes & sizes

In addition to the standard size, we can also offer various alternative bars sizes – shorter bars, XXL, extra wide bars, etc.


We use only carefully selected and tested ingredients. Cereabar is certified according to current international food standards – IFS – with a score above 97% and holder of EU BIO Certification.

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