Our company pays special attention to values that are not only important to us, but also guide and give us direction in our daily business. These values help define our identity and serve as the fundamental pillars for our decisions and actions. We firmly believe that these values form the core of our company and reflect our beliefs and principles. They are a kind of moral compass for us, helping us to navigate different situations and act responsibly.

We cultivate respect for life – the greatest miracle on this planet. To live it fully and joyfully, we need to be healthy and nourish our life energy with a good and varied diet. As manufacturers, we have the amazing opportunity to influence the composition of the product, so we choose ingredients that nourish our bodies – cereals, fruits and nuts – as our main ingredients.

From the very beginning of our existence, we knew we wanted to create products that were a little bit different. Products that are original in texture, in the combination of ingredients and taste. We are not afraid to use vegetables or different types of legumes. To produce not only sweet, but also savoury. Create bars with different layers and others. In order to make these creative ideas a reality, we need to innovate our production technology. We have projects full of challenges ahead of us in the upcoming years and we are looking forward to them.


Originality goes hand in hand with creativity. Our team is smaller, but all the more creative. We take care of our own brand CEREA, but we also create very interesting and creative projects with our private customers. Since 1992, when we were founded, we have invented and successfully implemented 250 recipes. It often takes a lot of flexibility to manage all production processes efficiently. Being a smaller company, we can react quickly and flexibly.

Things don’t always go the way we need them to. Our work is our hobby, our passion and we take every challenge as an opportunity to grow – both personally and in our company. And optimism helps everywhere, everything goes better with a smile on your face.

We are a family-owned company and we cherish family values such as openness, reliability and trust. We believe that these values can be applied across the entire supplier - customer chain.

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