Cocoa & coconut biscuits in organic quality

Taste experience that will appeal to your senses and bring joy to every moment! Our biscuits combine the rich taste of quality cocoa with the exotic sweetness of coconut, in an organic version that respects your body and nature. 85 g. Made in Czechia.

🍃 100% Organic Quality: each cookie is carefully made with ingredients grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We rely on nature to bring you authentic taste without compromise.

🍫 **Intense Cocoa: ** Immerse yourself in a world of delicious cocoa that gives our cookies a unique depth of flavor. Each piece is packed with intense, aromatic cocoa that will delight chocolate lovers.

🥥 Exotic Coconut. Our cookies contain chunks of high quality coconut that add exceptional texture and flavor. Each piece is a little adventure on your tongue.

🌿 Healthy Indulgence. Our cookies are full of natural ingredients that support your healthy lifestyle. Organic quality is our commitment to your well-being.

💚 Responsible Choice. We pay attention not only to your health, but also to environmental considerations. Our cookies are made with love for the planet.

Let the harmony of the cocoa-coconut duo in every bite of our organic cookies carry you away. Try it now and treat yourself to a moment of pleasure with every bite! 🍪✨



BIO Vegan biscuits cocoa – coconut, gluten free
Ingredients: gluten-free oat flour*, date syrup*, shredded coconut* 21%, vegetable oil* (sunflower), reduced fat cocoa powder* 1.5%, natural coffee flavouring*.
* = from certified organic farming. May contain traces of eggs, peanuts, soy, milk, nuts, sesame, mustard and celery

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