About Us

Our story began in 1992 in Zabreh –
small town surrounded by a wonderful mountain range Jeseniky, Czech Republic.
In this region, two brothers started to create a unique recipes of the cereal bars.
Even at the beginning the vision was clear:
to offer customers something new, unique which would bring them a new experience.
Beginnings were not easy, as none of them had any experience in the food production. But they had a great vision and big enthusiasm – these two attributes lead them step by step to the desired goal – birth of the first baby bar.
As time went, first trials have been constantly improved
and accompanied by a modern technology.
We are family company with purely Czech capital. We specialize in production of high-quality cereal and bakery products. We are aware that competition in the field of cereal and nutritional products is big and therefore we strive to bring to our customers always something new and original. We are not afraid of experiments and combinations of seemingly incompatible materials. We love challenges and our biggest goal is to satisfy our customers.